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Whether youโ€™re an artist, a band or a label, Record Union distributes your music to iTunes starting from $7/year.

About iTunes

iTunes is an online digital relater and allows its users to buy, download and listen to music and video. The iTunes app comes pre-installed on all Apple devices, which is said to be over 1 billion as of 2015. Today iTunes sells more music than all other digital retailer, and is the most popular digital music download store in the world. The services is available in over 120 countries.


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Ubiquity โ€“ you will reach many markets of listeners. iTunes also offers the possiblity to set up preorder campaigns which can build additional excitement surrounding your new release. Please see here for more information.

Number of users

+800 million accounts

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We distribute your music to all major digital music services. Find out more about each service below.

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