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Whether youโ€™re an artist, a band or a label, Record Union distributes your music to Beatport starting from $7/year.

About Beatport

Beatport is the mecca of electronic/dance music, where fans DJs and creators can connect and share music. They offer both MP3s and WAV file formats and have both a streaming service and a store for download. The discovery tools and playlists are excellent for your music. In June 2015 they started collaborating with Spotify, where Beatport will provide Spotify users with content around all things electronic/dance.

Please be aware that if you would like to distribute to Beatport using your own label name we first need you to submit a label application so we can get you approved in the Beatport system. If you do not have a label, then we can release you through the Record Union label profile.


Download and Streaming.


Great curation and platform for reaching new fans within electronic/dance music. Beatport is available in 230 territories โ€“ so basically the whole world will have access to your music!

Number of users

40M+ users

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