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Whether youโ€™re an artist, a band or a label, Record Union distributes your music to Apple Music starting from $7/year.

About Apple Music

Apple Music is a music streaming service from Apple which launched in June 2015. From launch, the Apple Music application will be available on all Apple and Android smartphones and tablets as well as the OSX operating system for laptops and computers.

The service provides listeners with all the key features you would expect from a streaming services, including curated playlists, internet radio stations and new music recommendations based on a listeners music taste. Artists and labels are able to set up an aritst page on Apple Music which provides a platform from which to connect and engage with fans.


Unlike some other streaming services, iTunes does not offer a "free" ad-suported subscription where users do not pay a monthly fee for access to music. Initially though listeners will be offered a 3 month free trial. According to the agreement that we have with Apple Music, artist will get royalties for listens during the trial period.

Beyond this, the Apple Music remuneration model is based on market share model, where you get paid a proportionate share of the subscription revenue every month. This means that the royalty per stream will vary per month depending on the total subscription revenue and how much your music was streamed.

Where Apple Music is available

Apple Music is available in the same territories as iTunes. Please see here for full overview.

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