Artist opportunities and digital distribution

We create artist opportunities that boost artists’ career in music. We run a distribution platform that puts artists’ music on Spotify, iTunes, TikTok and more. We dedicate our daily efforts to music and the progression of artists’ careers. 🎸🎷💥

Dajana performing at Breakfast Sessions

Passionate about music

We spend our office time thinking about what the present and future of the music industry will and should look like. Many of us are musicians, songwriters and producers and delicate our spare time to making and performing music.

Actually, even some of our office time is consumed by music making, we have a recording studio in our office and it’s occupied by artists and employees on a regular basis.

We are 30 people from eight different nationalities working from our office in Stockholm, Sweden.


Our vision is to enable and support the full potential of every music maker in the world by making the music industry more democratic, accessible and transparent for the many - not just the few.


Our mission is to liberate music.

Liberating music since 2008

With a passion for music and digital business, a big portion of naivety and inspired by the “long tail” concept, the idea of Record Union – to democratize the whole music industry – was born.

In 2008, the aftermath of the digital revolution left many traditional industries fighting for survival. The music industry in particular took a big hit – how can you charge $20 for a CD when everyone is able to download pirated mp3s at the click of a button?

With the vision to shift the power from the industry to the fans, the banner “Liberating music” became our call for arms. With no content on the platform, Record Union managed to close deals with top music services like Spotify, iTunes and Amazon MP3.

The impossible suddenly became possible and the journey towards democratizing the music industry had begun.

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